Krav Maga is the most effective, universal system of hand-to-hand combat and self-defense.

It is a hybrid of the most effective techniques selected from other martial arts. Krav Maga is based on natural human reflexes, thanks to which, by learning techniques and tactics, you strengthen your natural reflexes and you will notice the first effects of training very quickly. We train based on simulations of real scenarios – street, road to work or home, shopping mall, bus, bar – any place where someone wants to hurt you or your loved ones. Assuming such scenarios allows you to transfer realism to the training room. Through training, we strengthen the body and mind, and increase self-confidence. You will learn how to recognize and avoid dangerous situations. Condition, gender, weight, age or other restrictions do not matter. The Krav Maga system is designed for everyone. Age Group: 18+ years old.


  • Identify and avoid hazardous situations and places
  • Verbal de-escalation and negotiation skills
  • Solutions from the “friendly solution” category
  • Fighting – in all planes – standing up, fighting at various distances, in various situations, e.g. in closed rooms; on the ground floor, fighting the aggressor on the ground; in other situations – fighting in a car, in public transport, in a bar, sitting on a park bench
  • Dealing with an aggressor armed with a knife – blackmail and knife attacks – you will learn to fight an aggressor armed with a knife or other sharp tool, how to control, disarm the aggressor and evacuate from the scene
  • Defense against grips and grips – how to free yourself from grips of the head, torso and grips by the hand or clothes
  • Defense against choking in a stand-up and on the ground floor
  • Defense against an aggressor armed with a telescopic baton, a stick or a metal tube – how to act, how to disarm the aggressor, how to use the stick in self-defense and how to find and use improvised weapons
  • To deal with an aggressor armed with a short and long weapon
  • How to deal with a group of aggressors