Krav Maga UNITY is a club focused on the individual, we approach each one individually, taking care of proper development. We are a young, dynamic, professionally trained team of instructors who share a common passion for Krav Maga. Our instructors have international Israeli qualifications to train civilians.

We conduct trainings in groups and individual. We work with children, teenagers and adults. We are constantly expanding our competences by participating in trainings, seminars and updates as well as many side areas such as Ground Force Method, Flexible Steel, Kettlebell StrongFirst, qualified first aid and many others.

The continuous development and improvement of skills translates into a high methodological and substantive level of our trainings. Our team consists of various characters, but we are connected by a common passion for Krav Maga, promoting active spending of time and most importantly – the willingness to share what changed our lives.


By conducting trainings, we unite people, provide a sense of security, increase self-confidence, improve health and well-being by creating a community of people with passion and shared values.


Krav Maga Club in which we jointly promote a sense of unity, ensuring a healthy and safe lifestyle.


Meet Mateusz – an instructor at the Unity Krav Maga club. He started training Krav Maga in 2015 under the supervision of Roman Piotrowski (Expert 1). Since 2018, he has been running Krav Maga trainings for adults, children and adolescents. He has international Israeli qualifications to train civilians of the Krav Maga Global organization – G4 level. He has been involved in sport from an early age. For several years he trained football at a local soccer club, then he trained strength sports, to start training Krav Maga in 2015, today he cannot imagine his life without Krav Maga.

Ambitious, creative, finding himself on many levels of professional life – an entrepreneur. He is very sociable by nature – a great methodologist with extensive experience who enjoys teaching Krav Maga. It motivates people who train to constantly improve their skills. Hard-working, strives for perfection, constantly expanding his competences and horizons. His motivation to constantly expand his competences is the willingness to transfer knowledge and skills that give a sense of security and comfort in every situation that may meet us on the path of life.


  • General Instructor Course – Krav Maga Global
  • Krav Maga Unity instructor – level 3
  • Krav Maga Kids Unity instructor
  • G4 Grade
  • Ground Force Method – level 1 Instructor
  • Flexible Steel – level 1 i 2 Instructor
  • Sports Anatomy Course
  • Participant of the StrongFirst SFG1 kettlebell course
  • Trained by the best Polish and foreign specialists

Mateusz Dudek


Bartosz Zalewski – He started training Krav Maga in 2018 under the supervision of coach Roman Piotrowski (Expert 1). Since 2021, he has been running Krav Maga trainings for children and adolescents. He has been involved in sports since childhood, a lover of mountain hiking, hiking and biking expeditions, he does not part with the camera. Professionally, an engineer-constructor. A trainer who helps others from an early age. He devoted himself 100% to acting for the safety of others. Already in high school days, he was a member of the school rescue group with which he had many successes. Thanks to his qualifications and experience in the field of first aid, each training is full of challenges and at the same time 100% safe. By entrusting your child to Coach Bartek, you can be sure that he will be delighted with his positive energy, professionalism and approach to training.


  • Krav Maga Unity – level 2 Instructor
  • Krav Maga Kids Unity Instructor
  • P5 Grade
  • Trained by the best Polish and foreign specialists

Bartosz Zalewski